Awesome Features

Easy access to features.

Make your party on TV

With just one click you watch your playlist on your TV's internet browser.


Make backup/restore of your library of video clips in Dropbox so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Share real-time playback

Invite your friends to join your party.


Easily find a video clip, sort the search result by relevancy, date of publication, and total views; filter by resolution, duration and date of publication.

Global Top Music

Watch the most played music videos in the world on the Spotify, Itunes, Youtube and Billboard platforms.

Fila de Reprodução

Combine anytime in a playback queue video clips from your library. Export the play queue to a playlist on YouTube.



Privacy Policy


Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope that the following statement will help you understand how PickVideo handles personally identifiable information that may occasionally be provided to us through the Internet.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from you when you download our Android applications. To be specific, we do not require consumers to sign up before downloading the application, nor do we track consumer visits to our application, nor do we have a Server to store such information.

PickVideo uses the Google AdMob ad provider in its demo version. When you purchase the app, you will not see any more ads.

The only situation in which we can have access to your personal information is when you personally decide to send us an email.

In the above situation, we guarantee that your email will only be used to contact you and improve our services. We will never use such information (for example, your name and email address) for other purposes, such as to market our products or disclose your personal information to third parties for commercial gain.

The PickVideo application uses Youtube, Dropbox and Spotify services through login.

When you login to Youtube, Dropbox and Spotify, your information is not read or stored by the application. All information related to your account on YouTube, Spotify and Dropbox are transmitted directly to the respective service. PickVideo uses a token generated by these services to access your account for the sole purpose of providing the services required.

Personal data are collected for the following purposes:
- Youtube and Spotify: create and access your private playlists;
- Dropbox: Backup and restore your video library.

PickVideo has no control over the content of the videos displayed by Youtube. Please access the following link to report content that infringes copyright:

This privacy policy is only about the Pic Video app!
About other services used: Youtube and Dropbox see their privacy policies.